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Community hall for village children to attend tuition classes

Education has the power to transform people’s lives. With this motto etched in their heart and mind, the villagers of Patrapada in Puri, Odisha, took a step towards knowledge when they decided, under Goonj’s ‘Dignity For Work’ initiative, that they want to build a community hall. And they were determined from the very beginning that the purpose of the hall won’t be entertainment or social gatherings. It will be a roof under which the village children gather to attend tuition classes. With the motivation of our team and utilizing local resources, within 20 days the community hall was built by a group of 34. For their efforts, they were rewarded with Goonj’s customized kits of essential items. Moreover, the village women painted the hall and decorated its walls with floral designs for both aesthetic pleasure and a cheerful look. That is why, though located a little away from the settlement, still, the children have new-found enthusiasm for academics and look forward to their classes.

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